"Red Rocket"
- Use a very large mixing bowl
- Add 1 quart of water
- Add 2 packages of Cherry Kool-Aid mix
- Stir in 1 quart of Popov Vodka
- Add Popov Vodka & Cherry Kool-Aid mix to taste
- Do Not add more water!
"Depth Charge"
- Use a large 16 ounze beer mug or glass
- Fill to top with Budweiser beer
- Fill a shot glass with whatever whiskey is available
- Drop shot glass in beer mug & chug until empty
- Be carefull not to chip teeth or break your nose with shot glass
- Repeat multiple times
"Pitching" Pennies or Nickles
- Played on 2 sections of the concrete sidewalk using their divider lines
- Can be played with 2 to 6 players
- Object of the game is to win opponent's money
- Standing behind concrete sidewalk divider line, first player tosses coin toward far divider line of 2nd concrete section
-  Player with coin closest to divider line wins
- "Bridge" - coin landing directly over concrete line is closest
- "Liner" - coin leaning into concrete line is next closest
- "Leaner" - coin hanging over the concrete line is next closest
- If there are no "Bridges", "Liners" or "Leaners", coin closest to line wins
- "Kiss" hitting any opponent's "Bridge", "Liner" or "Leaner" with coin toss, allows all players to toss again
- Winter sport, played on the side streets of the neightborhood
- Best conditions are after a fresh snowfall with about 2 inches of snow base
- Object of the game is to see who can get the longest ride by hanging on to the rear bumper of a car or truck
- Recommended clothing: dark clothes for stealth, gloves to protect hands and good sliding shoes like penny loafers
- Technique: as unsuspecting driver comes by, stand non-chalantly on side of the street, and as they pass duck below rear of car or truck, flex knees, and grab rear bumper
- Keep your feet beneath you and your head below rear trunk deck of car to avoid being seen by the driver
- Skitching on trucks makes stealth much eashier & allows you to stand more upright
- Avoid potholes, bare spots on the road and foreign objects to get the longest ride
"Bush Fox"
- Played in the bushes along South boundary of Imlay Park
- Unlimited number of players are allowed
- Best conditions for play are at dusk
- Object of the game is to be last player who is tagged "it"
- 1 player is disignated as "it"
- All the other players are given 10 seconds to hide among the bushes
- Player that is "it" tries to tag another player
- When another player is tagged, they are "it" as well
- All players who are "it" try to tag all the remaining players until everyone has been tagged
- Last player to be tagged wins
Recreational Activities at Imlay Park
Swing Jump
- Played on either of the sets of swings
- Unlimited number of players are allowed
- Object of the game is to have the longest jump off the swing
- First player swings to gain greatest height that he dares
- At most forward point of arc, player jumps off the swing
- Player with the longest landing distance from the swing set base wins

Player who swings in the opposite direction and jumps over the fence is determine to have the biggest balls and wins!
Favorite Drinks Besides "Bud on the Bench"
"Up the Middle"
- Football game played in the grass between the street and concrete sidewalk
- the "Big Boys" play on their knees against the "Little Boys"
- Normal rules of football apply, except gang-tacking, choke-holds, and elbows to the balls take on a whole new meaning!

Game ends when it's time for supper
THE Imlay Park Bike Race
- This race took place in approximately 1965 & as far as is known, was run once
- The race was run by the "Big Boys" using their own bicycles or most often, the bicycles of the "Little Boys"
- Course of the race was the entire cinder & asphalt route of the Imlay Park
- The race started by the drinking fountain & ran for an undeterminable number of laps around the park
- There were no rules to the race - running opponents into the fences, backstops, & bushes were allowed
- On-going crashes, collisions, pile ups, swearing, taunting and laughter made this the most thrilling event in Imlay Park history!
- Unfortunately, the winner's name was lost over time
thanks, Bobby, for your additional info!